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It has been a wild ride but we made it. Thanks to the many supporters who contributed with donations ranging from 10€ to 4500€ we managed to get enough funds to promote OUT OF THE DARKNESS in Germany and internationally . We will produce independently a special edition (international) DVD in original language with subtitles in Nepalese, Italian, French, German and English. It will include deleted scenes, a photo-gallery and exclusive making of material. It will also include a very cool soundtrack CD composed by Nepalese flute master Prem Rana (Autari) and German composer Markus Aust at Chezmuziek in Cologne. The DVD will be available in Germany after its theatrical release. In the countries where the film has been screened already, it will be available end of October 2011. The DVD sales will support in part the work of doctors like Dr. Ruit and Dr. Tabin.

We will keep our fans and supporters updated about the upcoming activities related to the documentary. The German Premiere is planned to take place in Cologne, Germany on a Saturday between mid November and mid December 2011. For those who have supported us during the campaign, we have in mind a special event for the Premiere. The documentary is currently lined up for more film festivals internationally:

Silent River Film Festival, Irvine CA, USA. Dates: 9.-16. September 2011 – Competitive Section
International Filmmaker Festival 2011, UK . Dates: 14.-15. October 2011 – Nomination as best feature Documentary
27th Warsaw Film Festival, Poland. Dates: 7.-16. October 2011 – Discoveries Section
Film South Asia 2011, Kathmandu, Nepal. Dates: 29. Sept-2. Oct. 2011 – Competitive Section

We spoke to many people during this campaign and the story of Dr. Ruit and Dr. Tabin touched many hearts. We also realized that our story was able to move things and create a positive and measurable impact. The Fritz Henkel Foundation not only supported us with a very generous donation, they also contributed to the sponsoring of the ongoing Humanitarian Missions with 2500€. This will be enough for helping 140 people blinded by cataract to regain their sight.

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